International cooperation

The faculty had partnership with the MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of M.V. Lomonosov, Mathematical institute of V.A. Steklov of RAS; St. Petersburg State University; Institute of mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science (Novosibirsk, Russia); Novosibirsk State University; Massachusetts technological university (USA); Max Planck Institute (Bonn, Germany); The University Lyon – 1 (Lyon, France); Manitoba University (Winnipeg, Canada); Cardiff university (England); San Paulo University (Brazil); Hong Kong University (Hong Kong); Milan university (Milan, Italy); Royal Academy of doctors (Barcelona, Spain); International association of mathematical simulation (AMSE, Paris, France); AN of the Czech Republic (Prague, Czech Republic); University of Lulea (Sweden); Tokyo state university (Tokyo, Japan).

 Joint preparation of Ph.D of doctoral candidates

·        Lomonosov Moscow State University (professors Shkalikov A.A., Dyachenko M.I.);

·        Technological University of Lulea (Sweden, professor Lars-Erik Person);

·        Padua University (Italy, professor Massimo Lanza de Cristoforis);

·        Center of Mathematical Researches (Spain, professor Tikhonov S. Yu.);

·        University of Izmir (Turkey, professor Alemdar Hasanogly);

·        RUDN (Russia, professors Stepanov V.I., Goldman M.I., Burenkov V.V.);

·        Bydgosh University (Poland, professor Skvortsov V. A.);

·        Berlin Free University (Germany professor Beger G);

·        Friedrich Schiller's University (Yen, Germany, professors Hans Juergen Schmeisser, Zikel Vinfred);

·        University of South Carolina (USA, professors V.N. Temlyakov, K.I. Oskolkov);

·        The State University Wayne (Detroit, the USA, professor L. Makar is Limanov).

·        Stsinzyansky University (Urumqi, China, professor Turdybek Bekzhan);

·        Baku State University and Institute of Applied Mathematics (to Buck, Azerdbayzhan, Aliyev of Fikret)

·        Ferat University (Turkey, Penakhov Etibar)

It is necessary to mark that since 2008 within the international cooperation protection of master and doctoral dissertations according to the program of preparation of PhD in foreign higher education institutions is carried out: Technological university of Lulea (Sweden), Berlin Free university (Germany), Padua University (Italy). Following the results of protection gain foreign diplomas. Following the results of protection gain foreign diplomas. Since 2008 years 8 undergraduates and 14 doctoral candidates according to the PhD program were protected.