Механико-математический факультет


                                Directions of scientific research of faculty

All scientific research conducted at departments of faculty is devoted to current problems and is carried under a scientific manual of the leading scientists, doctors of science in the following priority directions of faculty.

1) Solubility of singular linear and non-linear differential equations and partial equations, smooth and approximate properties of their decisions, spectral properties of operators (Research supervisor Ospanov K.N.).

2) Algorithmic and combinatorial questions of the theory of rings, groups and algebras, structure of subalgebras of the free algebras, structure of group of automorphisms of the free algebras (Research supervisor Umirbayev U.U.)

3) A research of properties of operators like fractional differentiation in different function spaces (the operator of fractional differentiation plays a large role in different tasks of the analysis, especially in questions of applied mathematics (The Research supervisor Oynarov R.).

4) A research of weight additive and multiplicative estimates of the "intermediate" operators who are important in the theory of attachment, in the theory of differential equations and in calculus mathematics (The Research supervisor Oynarov R.).

5) Spectral properties of differential operators with float factors. Questions of interpolation of weight spaces of Sobolev. Questions of approximation of two-weight operators of Hardy (Research supervisor Kusainova L.K.).

6) Theory of interpolation, theory of approaches of the function spaces (Research supervisor Nursultanov E.D.)

7) Multiplicative orthogonal Fourier series. (Research supervisor Tleukhanova N.T.)

8) Continuous and discrete mathematics in organic unity in a context of the directions of researches (The Research supervisor N. Temirgaliyev) 1. Computer (computing) diameter. 2. The algebraic theory of numbers and tensor works of functionalities (in combination with the harmonious analysis) in problems of restoration. 3. Evenly distributed grids and a problem of an effektivization of the Monte Carlo method. 4. The algebraic theory of numbers and the harmonious analysis in problems of numerical integration. 5. Application of tensor works of functionalities in problems of numerical integration. 6. Restoration of functions. 7. Sampling of solutions of the equations in private derivatives. 8. Probability-theoretic approach to Analysis tasks. 9. Theory of investments and approximations. 10. Fourier's ranks.

9) Mathematical models and algorithms of the spectral analysis of processes of radiation according to remote sensing. (Research supervisor professor N.A. Bokayev)

10) Research of classes of functions and questions of convergence, summability and integrability of multiple ranks and Fourier's integrals (Research supervisor professor N.A. Bokayev)

11) Research of two-phase currents and their application (Research supervisor professor N.Zh. Dzhaychibekov)

12) Method of calculation of erosive wear of a surface of bodies, optikayemykh gas-suspension stream (two-phase stream) (Research supervisor professor N.Zh. Dzhaychibekov)

13) Development of methods of calculation of nonlinear coefficients of diffusions and moisture pro-water content of soil moisture and justification of their reliability (Research supervisor A.A. Adamov)

14) Development of a method of the integrated equations for a research of structures of non-uniform environments (The Research supervisor B.G. Mukanova)

15) A research of the oboshchenny equation of Landau-Lifshitsa with the self-coordinated sources and his integrated reductions (The Research supervisor K.N. Nugmanova)

16) A research the oboshchennykh of the nonlinear Schrödinger equations and their integrated reductions (The Research supervisor K.R. Esmakhanova)