HM Department. Meeting with students in the library "Otyrar"

December 8, 21 in the reading room 304 of the Otyrar library under the guidance of a member of the University - Vice-Rector for Social and Cultural Development, Academician Dikhan Kamzabekovich and Professor of the Higher Mathematics Department A.O. Bayarystanov, an evening "Zheltoksan yzgary" was held to familiarize young people with the glorious heritage of Alash, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of our independence and the 35th anniversary of the December uprising. Veteran teacher Rizabek Kemenger, grandson of the Alash activist Koshke Kemengerovich and his grandson, philologist-scientist, head of the department of Kazakh literature Kairbek Kemenger were invited as guests of the evening. The meeting was also attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Kozybaev Daniyar and the director of the Scientific Library Orazaliev Bakhytzhan. During the meeting, Dikhan Kamzabekuly introduced the guests to young people, telling them that Independence was not easy. Rizabek Narmanbetovich performed a song written by his grandfather Koshke Kemengerovich on the dombra and performed the last song written in prison. During the evening, students of groups AB-11, 13, 15, under the guidance of Bayarystanov Askar Oinarovich, read their poems dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence and the 35th anniversary of the December events, and briefly spoke about the life of the December hero Kairat Ryskulbekov. At the end of the evening, Rizabek Kemenger, Kairbek Kemenger, Kozybaev Daniyar, Orazaliev Bakhytzhan wished the participants good luck. Mathematicians will continue such patriotic events.