«Көрісу» celebration


Қырдағы ел ойдағы елмен араласып, 


Күлімдесіп, көрісіп, құшақтасып... 






       On March 15, in the reading room named after Akseleu Seydimbek of the Otyrar library, organized by Askar Oynarovich Bayarystanov, professor of higher mathematics, with the participation of students of groups AB-11, 13, 15, an evening dedicated to the Korisu or Amal merekesi holiday was held. The holiday, which began to be celebrated in the western part of Kazakhstan, was held to popularize the holiday among young people.

The guests of the evening were a member of the University Board - Vice-Rector for Social and Cultural Development, Academician Dikhan Kamzabekovich, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Kozybaev Daniyar and Director of the Scientific Library Orazaliev Bakhytzhan.


Dikhan Kamzabekuly opened the evening and thanked the students gathered in the reading room, telling them how the Korisu (Amal) holiday is celebrated. During the evening, students performed creative performances. At the end of the evening Kozybaev Daniyar, Orazaliev Bakhytzhan wished good luck to the participants and presented gifts to the students.