Scientific activity

At the Department of Algebra and Geometry, research work of students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers is conducted annually according to a pre-planned research plan. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the following articles were published in the Department of Education:

Scientific publications in international scientific journals WebofScience:

1 Дуйсенгалиева Б.А., Умирбаев У.У. Differential algebraic dependence and Novikov dependence Linear and multilinear algebra, 2021, Vol. 69, No. 6, P. 1061-1071. ISSN: 0308-1087 1,112 (Q2)

2 Бекенов М.И. Нуракунов А.М. Semihroup of Theories and Lattice of idempotent elements Algebra end Logic, 60, N1,(2021)

3 Мырзакулова Ж.Р. Equivalence of the hunter-saxon equation and the generalized heisenberg ferromagnet equation NEWS OF THENATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN PHYSICO-MATHEMATICAL SERIES ISSN 1991-346Х Volume 2, Number 336 (2021), 33 – 38

4 Байсалов Е. Р., Дауыл У. Заметки о трехэтапном протоколе HERALD OF OMSK UNIVERSITY 2020. Т. 25, № 4 Дата выхода в свет 28.12.2020. ISSN 1812-3996 Т. 25, № 4. С. 4–9

5 Mutalip R., Naurazbekova A., Umirbaev U Automorphisms of braided free associative algebras of rank 2. Communicatons in Algebra. . (2021), (статья в Q3 по базе Web of Science).


6 Duisengaliyeva B., Naurazbekova A. Tame and wild automorphisms of differential polynomial algebras of rank 2. Journal of mathematical science (United States). V. 257(6), P. 814-824. (Scopus CiteScore 2020 = 0,6; процентиль 18%)(2021),


Scientific publications in international scientific journals Scopus:

1 Башеева А.О., Мустафа М., Нурахунов А.М. Тождества и квазитождества точечных алгебр Сибирский математический журнал, в печати

2 Риза Муталип , Алтынгуль Науразбекова, Уалбай Умирбаев Автоморфизмы свободных плетеных ассоциативных алгебр двух переменных в печати

3 Бекенов М.И., Нуракунов А.М. Semihroup of Theories and Lattice of idempotent elements Algebra end Logic, 60, N1,(2021) 0,53


Scientific publications in foreign journals RINC:

1 Ахметбаев Д.С., Джандигулов А.Р., Ахметбаев А.Д. К расчету мощности и места установки компенсирующих устройств в распределительной электрической сети №1. Проблемы энерго-и ресурсосбережения . В 3-х книгах. / Книга 3 / Отв. ред. Н.И. Воропай. Ташкент:МВиРСО Республики Узбекистан, 2021, с.85-97

2 Джандигулов А.Р., Арапбай М.А. Мектеп математикасын оқытуда ақпараттық технологияларды оқыту. Международный научный журнал “Молодой ученый” стр 515-516, №18(360), апрель 2021


3 Джандигулов А.Р., Ауэзова Н.Т. Программы используемые в курсе стереометрии. Международный научный журнал “Молодой ученый” стр 320-322, №19(361), май 2021

In the journals of the Republic of Kazakhstan included in the list of KKSON MES RK:

1 Дюсембина Ж.К., Женис Б. The main factors to consider while working with children with disabilities in secondary schools Республиканский научно-методический педагогический журнал “Поиск “ №3(99), март 2021, стр 20-23

The work on increasing the publishing activity of the teaching staff of the AIG department will be continued in the future.

The department is implementing a funded research project on "Automorphisms and differentiation of free non-associative algebras" under the guidance of Associate Professor AS Naurbekova. Scientific seminars on this topic are held, which are attended by undergraduates and doctoral students, young teachers of the department.

The department of AJG conducts an initiative research project on "Postquantaneous cryptography", a research project, as well as a scientific circle "Methods of teaching mathematics" under the leadership of A.Zh. Tanirbergenov. topic "New technologies of teaching mathematics". The department also has a PhD in ring theory and grid theory Kozybayev D.Kh. There are scientific schools under the leadership of and professor of model theory and universal algebra M.I. Bekenova.


The department has identified two priority areas of research under the guidance of Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor U. Umirbaev:

a) Combinatorial and algorithmic questions of the theory of groups and rings, geometric characteristics of topological spaces;

b) Methods of teaching mathematics in schools and universities with the use of modern information technologies.

The main result of U.W. Umirbaeva “The problem of occurrence and subalgebra of free algebras” is the solution of the problem of the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences M.I. Kargapolov, on the insolubility of the problem of entry for free solvable groups of the solvability level> 2. The largest scientific achievement is U. U. Umirbaeva is obtained in 2001. together with Professor I.P. Shestakov proof of the hypothesis M.Nagaty about wild automorphisms of polynomial rings of three variables. He also obtained a number of profound theorems of combinatorial theory of rings, groups, and Lie algebras, which are published in authoritative mathematical publications in foreign countries and Russia. Professor W.W. Umirbayev is the head of a citywide scientific seminar on algebra, he manages graduate students, applicants and doctoral students. In 2002 2 Ph.D. theses have been defended under his leadership. In 2008, under his leadership, defended 2 doctoral (Ph.D) theses.

The main direction of scientific research Akhmetzhanova K.O. - study of formational properties of finite groups.

Associate Professor TD Tukanayev studies the problems of restoring hypersurfaces by given geometrical characteristics and studying their properties.

The main research direction of OI Zhuravleva – methods of teaching mathematics in high school and classes of different profiles.