Department of Fundamental Mathematics

Department of "Fundamental Mathematics" was created in 2009 by order of the Rector of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University on the basis of the departments of Mathematical analysis and Applied mathematics.

The Department has a modern research base in the field of theoretical and computational mathematics and teaches in the following educational programs:

        · 6B05401 - "Mathematics" (bachelor's degree);

        · 7M05401 - "Mathematics" (Master's degree);

        · 8D05401 - "Mathematics" (doctoral studies).

The Department has 8 doctors, professors, 9 associate professors and 11 PhD. Among them, professors R. Oinarov, K.N. Ospanov,  N. Temirgaliyev, E.D. Nursultanov, A.S. Iskakova, A.M. Abylayeva, A.M. Temirkhanova  became laureates of state grant "The best teacher of university", A.M. Temirkhanova is Laureate of the State Youth Award “Daryn”.

The members of National Academy of Sciences of RK, Professor R. Oinarov is a member of the editorial board of the Foreign journal «Journal of mathematical inequalities» (Zagreb, Croatia, JCR (2019) 1.319);  Professor N. Temirgaliyev is a member of the editorial board of the Russian journal “Russian Mathematics (Iz. VUZ)” (Russia, JCR (2019) 0.397).

In order to improve the quality of staff competences and effectively integrate national science, the department regularly defenses their dissertations at known foreign research centers in English. PhD of mathematics Zh.A Taspaganbetova, D.K. Chigambayeva defended their Ph.D dissertations, and A.M. Temirkhanova, R.D. Ahmetkaliyeva S. Shaimardan defended licensee for dissertation at famous universities in Italy (University of Padova) and Sweden (Lulea University of Technology). Besides them, L.K. Zhapsarbaeva, S. Kudabaeva (University of Padova, Italy) L. Sarbayeva, Z. Abdykalykova (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden) successfully defended Ph.D dissertation abroad and now they have been working in different organizations in Kazakhstan.

The faculty has mathematical scientific schools on functional analysis and its applications (academician of National Academy of Science of RK M. Otelbaeyv, professor K.N. Ospanov, L.K. Kusainova), and theory of operators (academician of National Academy of Sciences of RK, professor R. Oinarov), theory of approximation (professor N. Temirgaliyev), harmonic analysis (professor E.D. Nursultanov, N.T. Tleukhanova, K.A. Bekmaganbetov), which are known not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. Many leading experts conduct research at a high level, regularly publish in the ranking scientific journals, their results have made a significant contribution to the development of mathematical science.

Since 2003, the Research Institute of the Eurasian Mathematical Institute has been functioning. The institute has a regular seminar "Functional analysis and its applications", where also professors M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University A.A. Shkalikov, V.V. Vlasov and M.I.Dyachenko,  professors University of Padova (Italy) M. L. De Cristoforis and B. Pierre,  Research Professor at Centre de Recerca Matemàtica  S.Yu. Tikhonov, professor of Free University of Berlin G. Beger , professor of Luleå University of Technology (Sweden) L.-E. Person et al. presented their scientific reports. These scientists are conducting joint research with professors of the department. Within the framework of the seminar, doctoral students and undergraduates on dissertation topics are regularly reported.

Scientific Research Institute of Theoretical Mathematics and Scientific Computations has been operating since 2010.

The faculty of the department actively participate in various scientific competitions and carry out research on scientific grants. For example, in 2016-2020, 23 members of the department worked in 17 grant projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Aacademician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan R. Oinarov (University of Padova (Italy), 2010), professor E.D. Nursultanov (Independent University of Barcelona (Spain), 2011), N.A. Bokaev (University of Jena (Germany), 2013), Professor K.N. Ospanov (Luleå University of Technology (Sweden), 2013), teacher A.A. Zhumabayeva (Independent University of Barcelona (Spain), 2013, 45 days). Professor N. Temirgaliev, associate professors Sh.K. Abikenova, A. Zh. Zhubanyshev received grants from the Organizing Committee of the International Congress of Mathematicians 2014 to participate in the 27th International Mathematician Congress, which was held from 13 to 21 August 2014 in Seoul (Republic of Korea).

High scientific potential of professors and teaching staff give opportunity to bachelor and master students to choose elective courses in such fields of mathematics as the spectral theory of linear operators, the theory of embedding of functional spaces, approximation of functions, the theory of multipliers, interpolation theory, the general theory of boundary value problems.